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What's Pumice?

Pumice is a type of volcanic rock that ranges in color from white to black. It's created when gas-saturated liquid magma erupts like carbonated drink and cools so rapidly, depositing beautifully textured froth over time before solidifying into glassy grains full with bubbles - these various shapes are due the different flow patterns during formation! Pumices contain small crystals made mostly out of quartz but also other minerals such as potassium salts or silica which help give it its distinct colors depending on composition .

Pumice is an extrusive igneous rock that ranges in color from white to black. It has very thin bubble walls and can be found floating on water, awaiting cooling before it becomes glass like other volcanic rocks do. Pumice composition typically falls within the Siliciclaves or Feldspathic groupings but basaltes also show up at times as well!

Technical Info

Technical Name: Amorphous Aluminum Silicate 

Other Names: pumice stone, pumex

Formula: C28H37FO7

CAS: 1332-09-8

EWG Score

Pumice scores 1 in EWG

How to use it at home


Pumice scourers are a versatile tool for removing scale on metal piping, mineral deposits and stains in the bathroom. They can also be used to scrub away hard water build-up in your sink or tub without scratching its surface!

Personal Care

Pumice is an ingredient that provides essential roughness to many products, such as hand soaps and topical exfoliants. It's also often ground into a fine powder for use in polishing compounds or other uses where you want some extra texture on your skin!

How we use it

The perfect solution for a dirty oven that's tough to clean, the Oven Scrub is an all-natural Plant and Mineral Powered Cleaner designed specifically with your cooking needs in mind. It works best when used as directed on the bottom right side of the cooktop or gas stove top (with some elbow grease). The natural formula contains nothing but safe ingredients like banana peel oils - never toxic chemicals!

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