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Laundry Soap

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The Laundry Soap that is perfect solution for your household cleaning needs. Made with natural ingredients, it is tough on stains while remaining gentle on your clothes.

The formulas that was used is designed to be highly effective, even in cold water, and is suitable for use in both high-efficiency and traditional washing machines. It is also safe for use with septic systems.

How it works
  1. Sort your laundry by color and fabric type. Separate whites, darks, and delicates.

  2. Read the label on the laundry soap to determine the recommended amount to use for your load size.

  3. Add the appropriate amount of laundry soap to the washing machine. If using a top-loading machine, add the soap to the water before adding the clothes. If using a front-loading machine, add the soap to the designated dispenser.

  4. Add your laundry to the machine.

  5. Choose the appropriate wash cycle and water temperature for your clothing.

  6. Start the washing machine.

  7. Once the wash cycle is complete, remove your laundry from the machine and transfer it to the dryer or hang it up to dry.

  8. Store the laundry soap in a cool, dry place until its next use.

Laundry Soap is available in a variety of scents, including Purify, Lift, and unscented. 


Laundry Soap and bottle