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How to Refill your Cleaning Products

Thank you for working with us on reducing your Carbon Footprint! Your Cleaning Bottle will arrive with only Concentrate, this means less weight, less packaging and less carbon during your shipping. 

By using a concentrated product, you are:

  • Reducing packaging
  • Using less weight to receive your order
  • Saving on shipping costs

How to add water to your bottle

  1. Remove the cap from your bottle
  2. Fill with tap water leaving enough room to shake the product
  3. Attach sprayer, shake, and clean!

When it's time to refill

  1. Check the refill level indicator in your glass bottle or the instructions on the left side of your plastic bottle 
  2. Refill with Cleaning Concentrate
  3. Add water, shake and clean!

Questions? Reach us by phone/text to 844-801-2800 or email us to