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Glass Jar with aluminum lid

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Zero-Waste & Reusable Glass Jar with premium aluminum cap to store herbs, salt, skincare products, glitter and craft stuff, do your own candles, and more!

🌿 Zero-Waste Bottle
🧴 Stylish Design
🧼 Infinite Uses!
💧 Refillable + Reusable


✔️Sizes- 16oz, 8oz, and 4oz
✔️Color- Flint (Clear)
✔️Neck Size- 89/400, 58/400
✔️Lid- Aluminum with foam liner

How it Works:

🛁 Bathroom- Use your glass jar to store skincare products, epsom salt, vitamins, hair ties, bobby pints, cotton balls/swabs, etc
🧽 Kitchen- Keep your glass jar on hand to store herbs, salt & pepper, grains, or your favorite dressing in the fridge
🎨 Crafts- Organize your stack of glitter, pins, clay, paint, and more


📦 01 Glass Jar + Aluminum lid