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Spray Glass Bottle with Clear trigger sprayer (16oz)

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Zero-Waste & Reusable Glass Bottle with premium clear trigger sprayer to disperse your favorite cleaning products, room spray, skincare mist, spray olive oil to cook or just water for your plants, with a consistent minimal look.

🌿 Zero-Waste Bottle

🧴 Stylish Design

🧼 Infinite Uses!

💧 Refillable + Reusable


✔️Size- 16oz

✔️Color- Flint (Clear)

✔️Neck Size- 28/400

✔️Sprayer- All-Plastic Trigger Sprayer (Clear)

How it Works:

🛁 Bathroom- Use your glass bottle to spray cleaning products, room spray, your favorite skin care product or just water for a quick hair do

🧽 Kitchen- Keep your glass bottle to quick clean your countertops or mist olive oil to your salad or your pan

🧺 Laundry- Spray stain remover before washing your clothes

🪴 Plants- Mist your plants with water


📦 01 Glass Bottle 16oz + Trigger Sprayer