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Steel Scrubber (2-Pack)

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Stainless Steel Scrubbers designed to help you deep clean your oven and cast iron cookware efficiently.

Works on:

✔️Oven Interior and racks (gas or electric)

✔️Grill Racks

✔️Cast Iron Stovetop Burners

✔️Cast Iron Cookware

✔️Stainless Steel Cookware

💪 Powerful Cleaning

🧽 Approved by Professional Cleaners

Use & Tips:

💡 Pair your Metallic Scrubber with Oven Scrub for best oven cleaning results.

1️⃣ Apply Cleaner to the surface or item

2️⃣ Scour the area gently with the scrubber using circular motion. Apply more pressure or use more cleaner on tough spots.

3️⃣ Wipe and enjoy a clean surface!

To maintain your scrubber, rinse after each use and let it air dry.


🌱 Stainless steel wire

Due to the nature of this raw material and constant contact with water, bristles may fall with use.


📦 02 Stainless Steel Scrubber